How Can Orangat Agency Help You with Social Media Marketing

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is using social media platforms in order to bond with your audience so that you can increase sales, build your brand and grow website traffic. So this compromises of publishing incredible content on your profiles, engaging with followers and running advertisements.

How we do it

We use social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok, Twitter, Linkedin and Snapchat to help your business get the most out of these platforms. Whether you’re looking to build a brand or grow your business, we want to help you succeed. We use the five pillars of social media marketing.

  1. Strategy
    Before you drop right in and publish something on social media, let’s first take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Step number one is to think about your social media strategy.
    What are your goals for your business?
    How can social media help you achieve your goals? Some businesses might use social media for increasing their website traffic and sales or increasing their brand awareness. Social media can also assist you create a community, create an engagement around your brand, and serve as a client support channel for customers.
    Which social media platforms do you want to focus on?
    When you’re just beginning its better for you to first pick a few platforms you’re your target audience may be on instead of using all the platforms.
    What type of content do you want to share?
    So what type of content will attract your target audience best? Could it be photos, videos, or links? Is it educational content or entertaining? You can always change your strategy according to how your social media posts are performing.We are here to help you create a great social media strategy.
  2. Planning and Publishing
    Publishing to social media is as simple as sharing a blog post, a picture or a video on a social media platform. It’s just like how you would share on your Facebook profile. But now you will want to plan your content ahead of time instead of just creating and publishing content unexpectedly. Also, to make sure that you are maximizing your reach on social media, you need to publish great content that you know your audience will like, at the right timing and frequency.
  3. Listening and Engagement
    As your business and social media following start growing, then conversations about your brand will also increase at the same time. People will start commenting on your social media posts, tag you in their posts, or directly message you.People might even talk about your brand on social media without tagging you. So you will want to then monitor social media conversations about your brand. If it’s a helpful comment, you get a chance to surprise them. Otherwise, you can correct a situations before its worse.
  4. Analytics
    End to end, whether you are publishing or engaging on social media, you will want to know how the marketing is performing. Are you reaching more people than last month? How many positive mentions did you get this month? How many people used your brand’s hashtag on their posts?The social media platforms themselves provide an elementary level of such information.

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