International Retail Firm MINISO Partners with Orangat Agency for Digital Marketing in Rwanda

The world famous MINISO store that has recently opened its doors in Rwanda has also just entered digital marketing.

Launched in China in 2011, the brand has already made a name for itself in the beauty industry. MINISO has things like makeup, perfumes, kitchen appliances, electronic appliances etc. Not only that but MINISO also sells food and drinks for instance; meat, water, beans, juice etc.

MINISO is known for its affordable and attention grabbing products. This organisation has more than 4,200 branches worldwide, in every continent including more than 80 countries.

It’s a popular store for many depending on the product you need. It is very much favoured because of its affordable prices in comparison to other global stores.

MINISO has recently been introduced to the digital marketing world by Orangat. Orangat has been creating, planning and handling MINISO’s advertising. By undertaking their social media marketing to promote their products. We do this through media sharing, discussion forums etc. This helped the company connect with their target audience, increase brand awareness and boost sales.

Orangat has also been responsible for MINISO’s content creation, this including; posts, open ended questions, video content, promotional posts and brand stories. We have done content creation for both Instagram and Facebook. This has helped MINISO build resources that define their brand. This has provided free and useful information to their audience while also attracting potential customers through engagement.

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