Her Majesty Vanessa Joins Online Marketing

Her Majesty Vanessa Makeup is a Rwandan based cosmetics brand. It is devoted to giving its customers the very best of makeup and beauty products, with the main focus on providing quality and affordable products especially made for our Rwandan women.

This brand was founded by Vanessa Uwase. It was born from her desire for makeup and also with the need to provide high quality makeup products with world-wide standard for Rwandans.

Her Majesty Vanessa Makeup has a vision to build a powerful beauty presence in Rwanda. Their aim is to expand their line of good quality and affordable make-up tools and products. Not to forget to serve ladies in Rwanda and worldwide.

You can think of this company as your one-stop-shop for all your beauty-related needs. They sell lots of different products such as eyeliner, eye shadow, foundation, lipstick, makeup brushes, and so much more!

This beauty brand has come into online marketing. Basically using web based networks to spread more information about the brand. This has been done by taking their social media platforms and making it our responsibility. With social media marketing, we were able to promote the products to reach more customers.

For Her Majesty Vanessa to reach their target audience and boost sales they had to create interesting content, videos, brand stories and the use of influencers.
Beauty influencers are playing a key role in the beauty industry. Customers being able to see the preferred product applied to ‘real people’ can lead to an instant purchase decision.

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